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Nature lives and breathes in deeply. Because the horizon slowly crawl heavy clouds to bring down streams of water or heavy snow flakes in the morning mist curl up in the lowlands.
Villages and towns are gone. The inhabitants of new lands prefer city life. Creatures hiding behind the stone walls and thick gates, their city are decorated with fountains and lush gardens. However, if the natives angered his God and he will swing in the direction of darkness, to replace the orchards fountains quickly come to the guillotine.
Black & White II says an emphatic "No" pacifism! You can still amaze and frighten people with divine powers, to bring the Titan, but to really feel the greatness of the game will only war! On the battlefields Black & White II face really huge army consisting of various fighters. In the slim ranks You will find loyal swordsmen, archers and siege machinery of all sorts
Unbelievable but true: the titans are smarter! They are able to comprehend not only magic, but military affairs. Been trained in pet alone lead an army into battle!
Your strength increased manifold. Arsenal combat "spells" added "Earthquake" and "Volcano. The first is capable of a few seconds to bulldoze the whole city, and the second flood infidels lava flows! The game has changed beyond recognition. The developers have improved detail and flooded the world most special visual effects, having achieved a stunning beauty.